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Second Major Quake in Nepal, SDF Search Teams Redeployed

MAY 12, 2015

The death toll is rising again in Nepal in the wake of a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the country at 12:35pm Tuesday, local time, causing more widespread damage. The 12 Canine Disaster Search Teams deployed by the U.S. for the first earthquake in Nepal were preparing to come home a few days ago, but due to logistical issues were still in Nepal. Now they’re now back in full deployment mode, their highly-trained dogs searching the rubble for survivors. Six of the dogs on “Team USA” in Nepal were trained by the Search Dog Foundation, and deployed by the U.S. as part of Los Angeles Task Force 2. Four of these dogs were recruited from shelters - they are rescued dogs…turned rescuer.

First Deployment:
Devastation in Nepal Six SDF Search Teams Deployed

According to the UN, the death toll from the April 25 earthquake now stands at 5,006 with an additional 10,194 people injured. An estimated 8 million people remain affected across 39 of Nepal’s 75 districts. Authorities expect these figures to rise as rescue efforts continue.
Today, members of USAID’s 128-person Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) reached hard-hit BHAKTAPUR, a city east of Kathmandu. There, the DART’s urban search-and-rescue team worked closely with the Nepali army and members of the community to determine where people might be trapped and to conduct searches.
The DART team is made up 15 USAID disaster experts, a 57-person urban search and rescue (USAR) team from Los Angeles County (including 6 Canine Teams trained by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation) and a 57-person USAR team from Fairfax, VA (which also includes 6 Canine Teams).


APRIL 30, 2015 - 11:12 PM PST

Only On 2:
Dogs Rescuing People Under Collapsed Rubble In Nepal Got Their Training In The Southland

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APRIL 30, 2015 - 6:29 PM PST

Local Search Dogs Searching for Earthquake Victims in Nepal

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APRIL 27, 2015 - 3:00 P.M. PST

Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Nepal as they cope with the loved ones lost and lives destroyed by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that devastated the region. 

The United States has sent two Task Forces (California Task Force 2 and Virginia Task Force 1) to assist in rescue and recovery efforts in Nepal in response to a request from their government.  

The California contingent included six Canine-Firefighter Search Teams trained by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. They boarded military aircraft bound for Katmandu on Sunday night as part of a 57-person rescue force that includes structural engineers, hazmat experts, doctors...and Canine Disaster Search Teams.  

We are grateful to our supporters across the nation who helped make this resource possible. We will keep you updated as news comes in about the search and rescue efforts.    

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"I just got your message about Rugby deploying to Nepal. I burst into tears like a proud parent."
Debra Geiger, who named Rugby

"I'm so proud of our teams. Together they will ease the burden of those in Nepal who will see that everything possible is being done to find their loved ones. These teams are ready!"
Wilma Melville, SDF Founder (pictured with Pearl)

The following teams being deployed:

Dennis Clark & Rugby
Rugby was recruited by
Penny Woodruff from a
private family in California
L.A. County Fire
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Read About Rugby >

Gary Durian & Tanker
Tanker was donated by handler
Adam Cooper in Denver, CO
L.A. County Fire
Read About Gary >
Read About Tanker>

Eric Gray & Riley
Riley was recruited from
South Bay Purebred Rescue
in San Jose, CA
L.A. County Fire
Read About Eric >
Read About Riley >

Ron Horetski & Pearl
Pearl was recruited by
High Sierra Animal Rescue
in Portola, CA and
Plumas County Shelter
L.A. County Fire
Read About Ron >
Read About Pearl >

Andy Olvera & Stetson
Stetson was rescued by Labs and
Friends Rescue in San Diego, CA
L.A. County Fire
Read About Olvera >
Read About Stetson >

Jason Vasquez & Ripley
Ripley was rescued by Sioux
City Animal Adoption &
Rescue Center in Sioux City, IA
L.A. County Fire
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Read About Ripley >


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