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The Canine Class of 2014: 17 Search Dogs for America.

For the best search technology in the world during a disaster, look no further than...a dog. SDF is the only non-profit in the U.S. dedicated to training rescued dogs and partnering them with firefighters to save lives. The teams are provided at no cost to fire departments or taxpayers, and with no government funding.

With your continued support, in 2014 we will train 17 rescued dogs to be rescuers and bring a precious resource to America.

The search starts...with YOU.

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What interests me most about the Search Dog Foundation is:
The mission: Strengthening disaster response in America
Recruiting rescued dogs and training them to be rescuers
Providing the teams at no cost to fire departments
Partnering the dogs with firefighters - professionals in disaster response
Seeing to the Lifetime Care of every dog accepted into the program

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