National Disaster Search Dog FoundationSEARCH DOG FOUNDATION - From Rescued to Rescuer

Locals who helped with rescue tell of the devastation -- Digging, searching, hoping
09/10/11 Ventura County Star
When Deresa Teller arrived at ground zero on the night of Sept. 12, 2001, smoke was rising from the wreckage of the World Trade Center, and bits of paper and dust were still floating around.

Search Dog Foundation: We have not forgotten
09/14/11 West LA Pets Examiner
For each and every one of us, paying tribute to 9/11 came in different ways.

Searching for Life
09/15/11 The Santa Ynez Valley Journal
The dark shadow of aftermath looms heavy in the morning air as search dogs pace, eager to begin the task of converting hope into promise, of finding life below the rubble.

Rescued Dogs Rescuing People
7/01/11 Dog's Life
National Disaster Search Dog Foundation: Transforming rejected shelter dogs into skilled heroes

Dog from Longmont among search-and-rescue teams in Japan
03/13/11 Longmont Times-Call
Joe is finally making his international debut.

L.A. Firefighters, Dogs Aid Japan Rescue
03/22/11 The Patch
A team of L.A. County firefighters and trained dogs from the California-based National Disaster Search Dog Foundation spent a week searching for survivors in northeastern Japan.

RESCUED Dogs Rescuing People
Spring 2011 Dog's Life
National Disaster Search Dog Foundation: Transforming rejected shelter dogs into skilled heroes

Rescued dog now an award-winning rescue dog
10/18/10 Ventura County Star
In Haiti, Pearl ventured deep inside collapsed buildings, into gaps in the rubble too small for her 6-foot-6 handler, to sniff out survivors of that country's devastating earthquake.

Search Dog Efforts on 9/11 are Recounted
9/11/10 Ventura County Star
If tears shed during the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation's salute Saturday to those who died and those who searched the piles of rubble that once were the World Trade Center could count as dollars...

Search Dog Teams Set Sights on New National Training Facility
9/10/10 Noozhawk
Local teams called in after a gravel truck crashed into a Santa Barbara home recently will attend Saturday's groundbreaking ceremony...

Dogged determination to save people's lives
7/22/10 The San Diego Union-Tribune
Stella's pink tongue hangs out of her mouth, her tail wags furiously, her demeanor is as friendly as any other black Labrador retriever...

Search Dog Team Sniffs Out Hope in Haiti
2/3/10 The Orange County Register
She emerged from the rubble smiling...

T.O. Man, Dog Help Save Lives in Haiti
1/29/10 Ventura County Star
In his 12 years as a search dog handler, Ron Weckbacher has witnessed the devastation wrought by many disasters...

Dogs Demonstrate Solid Rescue Abilities
7/24/09 San Diego Union Tribune
San Diego welcomes its newest first responders: Martini, Fletch, Stella and Bella.

Rescue Shelter Dogs Join Rescue Teams
7/6/09 Life360 Blog
The story of Ace: From abandoned pet on the brink of euthanasia, to first-class Search Dog in the loving care of handler Rob Cima.

Rescued Dogs Becomes Rescuers: The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Honors Its Canine-Firefighter Search Teams
5/22/09 Ventura County Star
Pearl, a four year old Black Lab, was considered a lost cause. A Houdini of sorts, she had been picked up running loose on the street and wound up at the Plumas County Animal Shelter near Truckee, CA.

Wilma - Winner of Purpose Prize
9/12/07 Washington Post
First Loves and Second Careers: Giving Back to the Community.

Ojai Search Dogs Called in to Action on Slides, Quakes
12/31/03 Ojai Valley News
Mudslides in San Bernardino brought five search dogs into action searching for people buried in the wreckage.

Local Firefighter Awaiting Word on Rescue Mission
12/28/03 Santa Barbara News Press
California search dogs and handlers set to help in Iranian earthquake aftermath.

South County Spared by Quake
12/23/03 Santa Barbara News Press
Monday’s temblor jolted Santa Barbara County’s Emergency Operations Center into action and scattered emergency personnel across the South Coast to check roadways, bridges and buildings for structural damage.

If Disaster Strikes D.C., this Dog's Ready for Duty
11/16/03 Santa Barbara News Press
A dog from Goleta, California is now helping Washington DC Police as a search dog.

Really Rescued
11/15/03 Sacramento Bee
Irondog competition results in championship SDF search dogs.

Canines Play Role in Marin Disaster Response
9/11/03 Marin Independent Journal
Hopi & Recon join the search.

Intelligence Report - The Search for Search Dogs
7/13/03 Parade Magazine
After 9/11 the nation knew the value of search dogs - now the need to train is growing.

Local Dogs Called into Duty
6/25/03 Ojai Valley News
When 28 railroad cars crashed in Los Angeles homes, SDF search dogs were there to help.

Making Strides - Women Helping Others in Need
6/1/03 All Woman Magazine
A retired school teacher, seeing a need for search dogs, has worked wonders to meet that need.

Noses for Disaster
5/19/03 San Diego Union Tribune
Two nations cooperate to place four search dogs in Tijuana.

NDSDF Grads Join U.S. Capitol Police
3/7/03 Ojai Valley News
Named Guili after the famous NYC mayor, a former stray dog has become a certified search dog.

From Rescue to Rescuer
3/3/03 Lodi News-Sentinel
Baron (aka "Charlie"), once a stray dog begging for food, was rescued, and trained to be a search dog.

Training Dogs to Save Lives - SDF Works to Improve Disaster Response
3/3/03 San Jose Mercury News
Police in Washington, D. C. and in Baja California receive professionally trained search dogs.

Capitol Police to Add Search and Rescue Dogs
2/17/03 Washinton D.C. Roll Call
US Capitol police poised to add four new canines to Congressional campus.

Fire Dogs to Join Chula Vista Fire Department
1/25/03 San Diego Union Tribune
Firefighter Linda D'Orsi teams up with Cody for search and rescue.

Friends in Need - Bay Area firefighters and their search-and-rescue canines form a bond for life
11/24/02 SF Chronicle
Closeness between the dog and his handler is immense - experiences at WTC reinforce the bond.

Dog Rescued So He Can Rescue Others
4/19/02 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Eight months old, difficult, unwanted - Andy becomes a valued search dog.