National Disaster Search Dog FoundationSEARCH DOG FOUNDATION - From Rescued to Rescuer
SDF volunteer Laura Rathe found Jagger at Haven Humane Society in Redding, CA in December of 2007. He had arrived the week before as a stray and was severely malnourished. Despite his health problems, Jagger was extremely high-energy and ball-driven.

Laura tested Jagger and immediately brought him to SDF to start training as a Search Dog. When Jagger began formal training with SDF, he was still so sick that the kennel staff was not sure he would make it. Eventually, their care and concern paid off and Jagger was successfully nursed back to health.

Now, as a strong and healthy dog, Jagger is paired with Oklahoma City firefighter Jason Smith. Jagger is a good male companion for Jason, who lives with his wife Corine and three daughters, as well as their female Shih Tzu, Susie Q, in Blanchard, OK.

Jagger and Jason worked hard in the months following their pairing, and passed their State Urban Search and Rescue (SUSAR) Type II Certification in August of 2009, allowing them to deploy in the state of Oklahoma with Oklahoma Task Force 1.

Unfortunately, it was not long before Jagger's search skills were tested. On the afternoon of May 10, 2010, seven deadly tornadoes touched down near Oklahoma City. The twisters killed five people, injured dozens, and damaged over 50 homes across three counties in a matter of hours. Jason & Jagger were deployed to the disaster site for their first deployment. They combed the wreckage of areas hardest hit by the tornadoes, including homes, businesses and an airport. They worked through the night to ensure no one was left behind.

The team achieved their SUSAR Type I Certification in September 2010, making them deployable in Oklahoma and neighboring states during a disaster.

Shortly after their most recent certification, Jason and Jagger deployed with Oklahoma Task Force 1 to Joplin, MO, where a large tornado had ripped apart the town. Jason and Jagger searched through the wreckage for several days and confirmed there were no survivors left behind.

Jason and Jagger continue to train weekly with the other Oklahoma City Search Teams, as they know it is only a matter of time before they will be called upon again.